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21 January 2017


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Women - glowing cheeks beneath the feet

In the new play women meet across generations and cultural milieus

Women - glowing cheeks beneath the feet


21, 25-28 January 2017
Theater Roxy



The Volksbühne Basel creates a new play with actresses and dancers.


Stories of women – across generations and with different origins – are told in powerful images, life stories that take a stand in the area of tension between so-called equality of opportunity and commercial exploitation.


With humor and self-mockery the WOMEN show their strength. They give expression to the unspoken willingness to always do everything. They lend color to blind spots and look with glowing cheeks beneath the feet for their forgotten dreams.



,If all women of this world would wake up tomorrow and feel at ease and powerful in their bodies, world economy would break down over night.‘ (Laurie Penny)


21 January 2017 (Premiere)
25, 26, 27 and 28 Januar
y 2017,
at 20h


Theater Roxy

Muttenzerstr. 6

Carmen Dalfogo, Anne Dauberschmidt, Mercé de Rande, Tahani Salim, Esra Ugurlu, Verena von Behr
Concept & director:
 Anina Jendreyko
Stage & media scenography: Tabea Rothfuchs
Costumes: Eva Butzkies
Assistant director:
 Jeanne Lehnherr, Elin Fredriksson
Assistant scenography: Georg Faulhaber
Dramaturgical consultant: Inga-Annett Hansen
Lighting design / technique: Michel Jann
 Pascal Moor
 Matthias Wäckerlin


In cooperation with ROXY Birsfelden


With the support of:

Swisslos-Fonds BS, Swisslos-Fonds BL, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Landis & Gyr Stiftung, Wilhelm und Ida Hertner-Strasser Stiftung, Jubiläumsstiftung der BLKB, Paul Schiller Stiftung, Mutz & Bretscher Gartenbau GmbH



Ticket prices

CHF 15.-