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SELAM HABIBI in Dohuk/Northern Iraq

Our piece „Selam Habibi“ has been invited by the Cultural Department of the city of Dohuk, the northernmost city in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

Five performances will be given in and around Dohuk, accompanied by a supporting program of workshops such as opened discussions, panels shows and meetings with creative artists from different fields of art. There will be a common workshop including all actors/actresses from Selam Habibi and the actors/actresses from Dohuk academy of arts as well as the youths from the Dohuk refugee camps. 

The cultural department and theatre manager have invited SELAM HABIBI – the very exquisite and highly lamentable story of Romeo and Juliet “ to Dohuk, because the content of the piece has big relevance for this region, and the different population groups can identify with the love story and the end of the piece triggers controversial discussions and can give new impulses. Julia is at the heart of the production.



Tageswoche vom 10. April 2015

BZ vom 11. April 2015

 WDR vom 26. April 2015 - Interview mit Anina Jendreyko



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