Volksbühne Basel

 Volksbühne Basel - Theatre for Everybody


The Volksbühne Basel was founded by a group of pionieering creative artists - people of the theatre, musicians and dancers - coming from very different social and cultural origins. Since many years it disputes topics of connections between differentThe V.B. tries to understand the many different backgrounds and origins which nowadays define the urban community and which gives a richness to our lives. 

We want to invent a new peoples theatre and fill it with exciting and contentious issues. Cultural connections are today living with us. If we try to understand the dynamics and the crossborder transgressions between cultures, we need the knowledge of the migrants lives and of the life of the residents, the settled ins, people whose homeland comes inevitably into motion as well. 

The V.B. tries to find new possibilities to dispute critically whats nowadays the meaning of being a member in a dynamic community. We look out for and investigate new subjects and styles in our own idendity, the traditions and reflections in our surroundings. We all carry different cultures in us. Behind questions of origin and home we find a room, which is full of personal stories. We will try to talk about those stories and make them visible and understandable on the stage. The last productions were „Selam Habibi„ – a adaption from Romeo and Julia, "Sons", "A&X" based on the novel by John Berger and in January 2017 "Women!".



Artistic Director: Anina Jendreyko


Production: Pascal Moor